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Blue Mountains Business Community Resilience Project

The 2019-20 bushfires and the Covid-19 pandemic heavily impacted Blue Mountains tourism and trade. These events also revealed big gaps in business community preparedness across the region. 

Business owners, operators and employees need to build their capabilities in disaster preparedness, self-sufficiency and resilience.

One of the best ways to do this is to get businesses working together and sharing their knowledge to ensure better outcomes for them and their communities. 

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Getting your business ahead of future disasters

Keeping businesses in business

The Blue Mountains Business Community Resilience Project is a free two-year program focused on building preparedness, resilience and wellbeing. 

Central to the project is the creation of a new free business and community hub that will prepare Blue Mountains businesses for disasters by making them more resilient and self-sufficient. The hub will provide a central online and offline space where Blue Mountains business leaders, owners and operators can connect and collaborate, and more importantly learn from and support each other.

We want all businesses in the Blue Mountains local government area, big and small,  to get involved. You can register here for updates.

Meet the Team

Our team has local knowledge and experience building disaster preparedness and resilience in communities. They will help you, your business and your local community to learn from and prepare for major disruptions so that when something catastrophic does happen, communities can more easily rebound from disasters.

Mark Barton

Renae Hanvin

Rebecca Lang

Melanie Peverill

James Ritchie

Ellen Hill

About Resilient Ready

Resilient Ready (formerly corporate2community) is a certified social enterprise and leader in business community disaster resilience, focused on building resilient businesses, leading collaborations and helping communities thrive. Resilient Ready builds long-term relationships with Government, Industry, SMEs and micro businesses and communities across Australia and around the world.

About BusinessBM

BusinessBM is a regional business network committed to building connections, community and a common voice while strengthening social capital through the business community. BusinessBM recognises that businesses are vital to the social and economic viability of a thriving Blue Mountains community and is committed to connecting, engaging and supporting local enterprises.


The Blue Mountains Business Community Resilience Project is a two-year program of initiatives to build preparedness, resilience and wellbeing, including:

  • Website to build knowledge and learnings
  • Links to free, helpful resources
  • Surveys on resilience and wellbeing sentiments
  • Monthly content updates on themes
  • Business directory to connect
  • 2 x Do Tanks to innovate solutions
  • 2 x Whitepapers to publish findings
  • Quarterly information sessions
  • Engagement of a local project manager

The Blue Mountains Business Community Resilience Project is FREE for all business leaders, owners and operators located in the Blue Mountains local government area of New South Wales.

We invite micro, small-to-medium and large business sizes from all industries across the region to participate and benefit.

Business chamber members and non-members are welcome.

The Blue Mountains Business Community Resilience Project is FREE for all businesses and business chambers, and is funded by a Bushfire Community Recovery and Resilience Fund (BCRRF) grant through the joint Commonwealth/State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.